Backcountry comfort


Photo: Markus Blum


Comfort in a tent is not mere luxury: its the comprehensive measure of a tents overall performance, since it includes everything from keeping you dry when its wet and comfortable when its warm, to how much room there is to sort gear or move around.

We build double wall tents not only because they offer the greatest ventilation and breathability possibilities (see The fine art of venting), but also because they put the greater comfort of two layers of protection between you and the elements.

We link the inner and outer tents and put poles on the outside both so that a broken pole is less likely to compromise the tents weatherproofness, and so the tent goes up in one step. That single step pitching means you can get out of the weather quicker, and stay drier longer.
It also means you can quickly put up your tent during, say, a midday break, disconnect the inner tent, and youve got a dry, roomy shelter from wind and weather.

All models are at least big enough for their intended number of occupants. Inner tents are designed with as near vertical inner walls as possible to create the maximum usable space and headroom without adding weight.

Vestibules are laid out to comfortably accommodate all the occupants gear, and in most all season models, the vestibules are integrated into the venting system. This means either with dedicated vents, or with doors specifi cally constructed so that the top can act as a vent and still be protected from the elements. Inner tent doors too are integrated into the venting system, and we configure dual door/vestibule models so that you can pitch them to keep one entrance out of the wind.


Well thought out doors

Allows full and easy access while also keeping the weather off the inner tent door and acting as part of the venting system.
Photo: Paul van Peenen

Spacious, bright interiors

Offer plenty of space so you can get a good night’s sleep, lounge, or weather storm days in comfort.
Photo: Joe Stock

Large mesh panels on inner doors

Adds to both the venting and the views! Equal-sized, adjustable fabric panels allow for full or partial coverage.
Photo: Stuart Craig

Roomy vestibules

Provide both gear storage and protection for the inner tent door. GT vestibules add even more space.
Photo: Stuart Craig

Detachable inner tents

Simply detach the inner for a fine group gathering spot in camp or an impromptu lunch shelter during a day’s outing.
Photo: Bo Hilleberg