40 years ago, when Hilleberg was founded, we were not yet famous for our tents but both the company and its founder, Bo Hilleberg, were active in the forestry industry, and it would take another few years before the first tent would be introduced. But the passion for nature and the outdoors was already well-established in the company when the first prototype of what would later be completely revolutionary tents was starting to take shape.

Even though much of our focus has been on being in the mountains, forests have always been a big part of our company. So we are very happy that our partnership with Vi-skogen provides us with the possibility to plant a tree, somewhere it really makes difference, for each Hilleberg tent we sell. Vi Skogen has been planting trees around Lake Victoria in Africa for 28 years while at the same time educating poor farming families about sustainable land management with agroforestry, so that they can improve their existence by their own initiative. Each planted tree helps control erosion, pulls CO2 from the air, reduces evaporation and water use, and gives shade, shelter and protection for other crops. Both the education and the tree planting helps improve living standards, fosters greater equality, and improves the environment, both locally and globally.


Where Vi-skogen works

Vi-skogen is active in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania, in the area around Lake Victoria.

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Trees help people to become self-sufficient

The trees creates new opportunities for what people here miss the most: food, medicine, firewood, shade, vitamines - and in best case even a financial cushion that ensure school attendance and visits to a doctor. The trees help families become self-sufficient.

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