Early on in our company career, we made pitching a tent a far simpler and easier procedure: we linked the inner and outer tents so both could be erected simultaneously. We were the first to do this, and it has become a hallmark of our line. And we believe that it still provides the highest performing solution for backcountry tents.


Over the years more innovations have sprung from the minds of our team: full-length outer tents for true all-season function; exceptionally strong, lightweight fabrics for greater reliability, versatility and longevity; innovative vents integrated into the doors; and, most recently, true modular tent designs that are practical and remarkably lightweight.


1973: Connected inner and outer tents for simultaneous pitching of both. 1975: Use of silicone coated fabrics for greater strength without added weight.
1977: Linked inner and outer tents that can be disconnected and pitched separately for maximum versatility. 1987: Integrated door and vent for all-weather air flow.
1990: Effective vent cover on dome tents allows full, through-the-tent venting in all weather conditions. 1995: Adjustable pole tensioner for both ease of pitching and greater integral strength.
1998: Combined clip and pole sleeve system for easy pitching of self-supporting tents. 2005: Fully modular tent systems that are both exceptionally strong and remarkably light in weight