Friends of Hilleberg

We’ve been making tents for four decades, and people all over the world – from military units to professional guides to families to compulsive adventurers – have honored us by choosing our models for their journeys. Some of their stories – such as those here – help us tell you about who we are and what we do, since they represent people using their tents day-in, day-out, in very tough conditions.

The group mentioned here are just a few of the adventurers who depend on Hilleberg tents. Click on the images below to read more.


Renata Chlumska


On July 4th, 2005 Renata Chlumska began an adventure that took her around the United States by kayak, bike and inline skates. 

Christine Hägglund


The Swedish mountain range is roughly 1,300 km long. Many have walked its length, but no one has ever run it – something I have dreamt of doing for many years. My name is Christine Hägglund, and this past summer, I achieved my dream by running the full length of the Swedish range.

Erica Österlund


In March, 2008, she left Jönköping, Sweden, and after a very long and very adventurous 10000 km/6213 miles, she reached Beijing. She did it not to break any records or to garner any kind of publicity or fame, but rather because she simply wanted to experience new things along the way and to interact with new cultures.

Lisa and Simon Thomas


The two have journeyed over 100,000 miles/161,000 km, have ridden to and through 58 countries of their planned 122, and they have traveled to the most northerly and southerly points on earth possible by motorcycle. 

Mark Seacat


Born and raised in Montana, USA, Mark began hunting, fishing, and roaming the mountains with his parents from a very early age. Deeper forays into the mountains after elk led him into mountaineering, for which he discovered an abiding passion. Mark has since been on climbing expeditions all over the world, interspersed with equally adventurous hunting and fishing trips.

Lars Verket


In 2005, Lars Verket “jumped off the career carousel,” as he puts it, to begin a new life as an adventurer, writer and ocean paddler. Over the last few years, Lars has paddled 2500 miles along the southern Norwegian coastline, published three different paddling guides, and has two new ones in the making.

Commonwealth Women's Antarctic Expedition


“Eight women from eight Commonwealth countries with one aim.” So goes the tag line for the Commonwealth Women’s Antarctica Expedition, whose aim is to ski to the Geographic South Pole.

Jenter i Kuling


“Jenter i Kuling,” or “Girls in Storm,” is three 25 year old Norwegian women  bound by a dream of kiting the length of Greenland.

Fredrik Sträng


Swedish adventurer Fredrik Sträng accomplished in 2006 the amazing feat of climbing the 7 Summits in 7 month's!

Matty McNair


Famous Polar explorer Matty McNair is one of the most renowned and experienced polar guides and explorers in the world.

Steven Kazlowski


Steven Kazlowski  is one of the most renown wildlife photographers. He is the only wildlife photographer to date who has extensively photographed the Alaskan polar bear and its critical Arctic coastal habitat.

Freya Hoffmeister

In 2007, German paddler Freya Hoffmeister kayaked around Iceland in a record 33 days. As a follow up, she set out to became the first woman to circumnavigate New Zealand’s South Island by sea kayak.

Ines Papert

ines parpert

In 2001 Ines won the overall World Cup in Ice Climbing. She gave up her profession and started her successful career as a climbing professional. Expeditions lure her to the most remote places on earth. 

Peter Schoen

peter schoenPeter is 27 and an avid ski mountaineer. Since age 18 he has been ski mountaineering in the Andes (Chile & Argentina – 14 months in total) and later the Pamirs (Tajikistan), Tien Shan (Kyrgyzstan) and South Caucasus (Georgia & Armenia). 

Helen & Bill Thayer

Helen_Bill_ThayerHelen and Bill Thayer, two senior world explorers (Helen is 66 and Bill is 78!), trekked through blazing temperatures, sand storms and scorpions to become the first woman and man team to complete the 1,423 mile crossing of the Mongolian Gobi Desert on foot. On their journey they had a Staika.

Krister Jonsson


Krister Jonsson

Krister Jonsson is probably the most active Swedish mountain guide. He is situated in La Fayet, Chamonix, and does expeditions and adventures all over the world.