From the Freezer into the Frying Pan with the 5000mileproject!


Katharine and David Lowrie are currently running the length of South America; over 6,500 miles (10,000km) for its wildlands and wildlife. They’re aiming to be the first in the world to accomplish this epic “feat” without support. Their home for the past 110 nights has been Hilleberg’s Nallo 2GT tent!
“From the southern-most-tip of continental South America, Cabo Froward, we have run day on day through snow, ice, driving rain and sleet, volcanic ash and excruciating heat. Our trustee green Nallo 2GT has been our home for two thirds of the journey; casting its eyes on some incredible wildlands; from temperate rainforest, snow-capped Andean mountains, howling Patagonian steppe, to the desert lands of Argentina.
It has survived a Patagonian winter; regularly being blanketed in snow and laced with ice inside; it protected three sleeping occupants for the first four nights and the expedition pair for the rest of the days; holding fast when the screaming winds blasted at our sides!
The most challenging pitches have been: volcanic ash, snow and sand. We’ve double-pegged, used stones as anchors and formed thick icy snow banks to keep us on the ground.
The most extreme weather hit in Argentina; in the desert with weeks of storm force gusts. We sort refuge under any bushes, trees or structures we could find and buried ourselves into the sand.
The most unusual visitor to our tent have been a “tuco-tuco” a small mammal that constructs tunnels under the earth- a bit like a mole, a Patagonian culpeo fox who sat outside our snowy entrance and a mighty Andean condor who swooped over us!

We selected the Nallo 2GT tent based on its size to weight ratio. It’s our home for over a year and provides us with immense living space.


Top Tips:

To guard against the extreme UV rays in the Southern Hemisphere ( http://blogs.independent.co.uk/2012/12/11/a-stitch-in-time-for-the-ozone... ) we use a tarp to protect the tent when left up during the day.
To protect the ground sheet from the vicious thorns of the desert we lay our foam sleeping mats under the ground sheet before we pitch the tent.
We are currently in central Argentina and have run 2300 miles (3680 km), running twenty miles a day to reach our destination; the Caribbean Sea of Venezuela. We run with the trailer we made from recycled materials; which holds our home, kitchen, classroom, laboratory .. everything we need for our 5000mileproject.org to prove that,
“With small steps we can all achieve incredible environmental “feats” and conserve the precious wildlands and wildlife of our planet that we all depend upon and enjoy camping and adventuring through”.
You can follow Katharine and David’s adventures at www.5000mileproject.org and also www.facebook.com/5000mileproject