Camping in sand

Minimize the effect of grit

Travel in deserts, playas, on beaches and in other similar environments puts extra stress on tents. Grit and sand amplify possible abrasion on both tent fabric and poles, and they especially increase wear and tear on zippers. In addition, such environments usually mean greater UV exposure.

Here are a few ways to combat the effect of both the grit and the sun:

- Choose Hilleberg tents made with Kerlon 1800. These tents are designed with stronger fabric and heavier gauge zippers and fittings precisely to better handle harsh conditions.
- Brush your tent’s zippers often.
- Pitch your tent in as much shadow as you can find.
- Carry a Hilleberg Tarp for extra UV protection (the XP versions have greater UV resistance than do the UL models).
- Avoid leaving your tent pitched during the day.