Unending Attention to Detail

Designing a great tent is one thing, but manufacturing it is another. If the design cannot be consistently constructed with superior quality, then the greatness of the design is irrelevant. It is precisely for this reason that Hilleberg the Tentmaker demands complete and rigorous quality control from its manufacturing. It is also why we own and operate our own factory in Estonia, something that gives us full quality oversight, and also lets us instantly adopt any design improvement we create.

To achieve those stringent quality levels, we not only use fabrics and materials that are second to none, but we also employ state of the art quality control systems, geared to meet Swedish standards. In addition, our factory is ISO-9001: 2000 certified, which means that we maintain quality management standards for meeting and exceeding customer needs and regulatory requirements, and for continual improvement in all areas.

Over a decade ago, when we decided to build our own factory, we chose Estonia for three reasons: its long history and storied tradition of specialized mill work; because we could buy land and build, from the ground up, a factory that met our high demands; and because it is only a short two-hour flight from our headquarters in Sweden.

Today, as demand has increased, our production has as well, so we now also work with a few carefully selected subcontractors, but our Estonian facility remains the hub of our production process. Every tent we make is set up, inspected, and approved at the factory before it is shipped.