Care instructions

Clean the Zippers

Zippers take a huge beating, so keeping them clean is essential. Brush them off after each use, and check them after every trip. Doing so will ensure a much longer life for your tent. Avoid using zipper lubricants, since these inevitably attract grit and other zipper-eating debris, thus causing more harm than good!


Finger in the Zipper

Whenever you zip your tent door, put the tip of your finger ahead of the slider. This keeps the door fabric from catching (and subsequently getting stuck or, worse, getting chewed up), and will increase the life of your zippers, as well.


Dry Your Tent

When you return from a trip, if possible, hang your tent with the poles still in. Failing that, hang it without the poles, but try to keep the tent walls from touching each other. This keeps mildew away, and increases the tent’s life. Make sure it is completely dry before packing it away!