All season venting


On our all season models, the outer tent goes all the way to the ground, and there is at least one main vent placed high up, to allow the rising warm, moist air to escape upward even if the tent is pitched in dense grass, or sand, or dug down into snow.  The vents are fully adjustable from inside or outside the tent, and the inner tent doors have no-see-um mesh panels covered with zipper-adjustable fabric panels.


Model-optimized vents

Vents in Hilleberg tents come in all shapes and sizes, each engineered for that particular model’s design.


The vent integrated into the Nallo’s door.   The Saivo’s large roof vent.   A vent on the Keron, showing its snow-proof panel rolled and stowed.
The Nallo and Nallo GT’s interior, back wall vent rolled up for maximum venting.   The Nallo and Nallo GT’s rear outer wall guyed out for maximum venting.   One of the two zipper vent and venting fabric foot panels on the Akto.