Commonwealth Women's Antarctic Expedition

  “Eight women from eight Commonwealth countries with one aim.” So goes the tag line for the Commonwealth Women’s Antarctica Expedition, whose aim is to ski to the Geographic South Pole, in 2009/2010, to “demonstrate the potential of greater inter-cultural understanding, raise awareness of the work and value of the modern Commonwealth and to highlight the achievements of women around the World.” Led by veteran polar traveler Felicity Aston, the group represents Cyprus, Ghana, India, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, New Zealand, Jamaica and the UK. “We are extremely excited that we will be taking Hilleberg Keron 4 GTs with us to Antarctica. Well thought out design means that our Hilleberg tents are not only tough enough to withstand the polar environment, but they are also comfortable and convenient to live in during long expeditions.” For more information on the expedition, see