The fabric of a tent must be strong, yes, but it must also be supported properly. In other words, a high performance tent must have a skeleton worthy of the strength of its skin. For this reason, we use DAC poles, because we believe they offer the same sort of superior performance that our fabrics do, and on most models, we use the DAC Featherlite NSL poles. Because the section-connecting inserts are nearly the same diameter as the pole section itself, NSL poles are significantly stronger than standard-style poles, and are lighter, as well.

The pole lengths and diameter on every model is the result of careful calculation. Each of our tents has the optimal poles for the tent’s size and shape, and poles are individually fitted and, if necessary, pre-bent. We use 9 mm poles on our Ultralight tents because, like these models’ Kerlon 1200 outer fabric, they offer plenty of strength at a very low weight. We match stronger 10.25 mm poles – we refer to them merely as “10 mm” poles for convenience – with our Kerlon 1800 tents, since these are designed to handle the most extreme conditions. Color coding helps when pitching dome tents or models with different length poles. And whether they are paired with continuous pole sleeves, short pole sleeves and clips, or a combination of both, the poles on all of our tents are situated to provide the easiest handling and greatest security. Atlas has 17 mm poles and is well prepared for all kinds of weather.