Small things can have a big impact. We consider the details on our tents – the zippers, the guy lines, the pegs, and the other fittings – with the same rigor we apply to fabrics and poles.

We use YKK zippers, which are the perfect choice for our tents, since they are the strongest and most reliable available.

Our guy lines are a proprietary cord that interweaves super strong Spectra fiber with polyester. Very light and very strong, this line absorbs almost no water, and has miniscule stretch. And, because of its unique construction, there is no sheath to separate from the core.

All of our tents come with the appropriate aluminum pegs: ultralight yet strong pegs with our Ultralight tents, and very robust yet light pegs with our Kerlon 1800 models.

Even the fittings are well-considered. The simple, strong and effective polymer line runners on our guy lines will not crack in extreme cold, will hold tenaciously even on wet or frozen cord, and yet can be easily adjusted. Similarly, the polymer pole clips and pole tensioner cups, and the metal ladder lock buckles on pole and peg tensioners – we use metal because these buckles must be as strong as possible – and the adjustable peg loops are immune to wet and cold, and can be operated easily, even while wearing bulky mittens.