A tent’s fabrics are the barriers between you and the elements. In a Hilleberg tent, those fabrics must perform to exacting criteria in a number of areas – criteria we check both in lab settings, with standardized tests, and in the field.

Hilleberg Kerlon outer tent fabrics, arguably the strongest, lightest available must also have a minimum waterproofness rating, or “hydrostatic head,” a minimum tensional strength – the amount of force required to pull an uncut piece of fabric apart – and a minimum color resistance to light.

The outer tent’s fabric is crucial to keeping the elements out, but the inner tent fabrics are just as instrumental in keeping the occupants as comfortable as possible. Our inner tent fabrics are very lightweight and highly breathable, meaning that they let moisture vapor escape while keeping actual water drops from penetrating. These fabrics must also have a ­minimum tensional strength as well as a certain air permeability.

Floor fabrics, too, are vital to the tent’s performance. We use materials that are not only extremely waterproof, but are also highly puncture and abrasion resistant, as well, and that stay flexible even in the coldest temperatures.

Read more about our fabric specifications here.