Pitching a dome tent

Lay the tent out and extend the poles. Insert a pole end into the appropriate short sleeve on one side of the tent, and then on the other side. Repeat with the remaining poles (many of our models have color coded poles and sleeves to simplify the process).

Once all the pole ends are firmly seated in the short sleeves, attach the clips to the poles.

Peg out the vestibule(s) (Saivo, Tarra & Jannu) if not done already, and adjust peg placement and peg tensioners to fine tune your pitching. Attach the roof cover and add guy lines for more stability if needed.

Tip: On windy days, peg the tent down before inserting the poles, as shown in the series at left. Many of the guy line attachment loops can be wrapped around either the pole or around pole crossing points, depending on the tent model. Doing this before pegging the guy line out will give even more stability.

Read more about pitching in the Users Manuals and in the Tips & Tricks section or watch our instruction videos.