Pitching a tunnel tent

Lay the tent out and insert a pole a few feet into the the appropriate pole sleeve. Pull the sleeve up the pole until the tip is seated firmly in the end of the pole sleeve, then push the remainder of the pole all the way into the sleeve, and seat the pole tip into the plastic cup of the Pole Tensioner.

Tighten the Pole Tensioner so that the bottom of the pole cup is even with the lower edge of the outer tent fabric and flat against the wall of the tent. Repeat with the remaining poles.

Peg the vestibule end (or either end of the Keron and Kaitum models) down, making sure the pegs are pressed fully into the ground at about a 45° angle, then grasp the other end of the tent and pull it out.

Peg the end down, again making sure that the pegs are pressed fully into the ground. Adjust the peg tensioners to make the tent taut, and add guy lines and additional pegs for more stability if needed.

Tip: Set peg tensioners to their long­est before pitching. On windy days, peg one end down into the wind before inserting the poles.

Read more about pitching in the Users Manuals and in the Tips & Tricks section or watch our instruction videos.