Product testing in wind machine


We purposely do not give any wind speed ratings for our tents. Usually, a number that you see that indicating wind speed “rating” is the result of a test done in a wind tunnel, where the tent is bolted to the floor, the wind generator is turned on, and the maximum wind speed the tent withstands is measured. This is not a very accurate way of measuring what actually happens when you use the tent outdoors, since real wind can change direction and speed at any moment. More importantly, one of the first things that can happen in severe weather is that the pegs come out, or, even worse, that the tent can’t be set up at all. We use a wind machine, set up outdoors, to make sure that the tents all can be set up by one person in very hard wind: we turn the machine on and then start pitching the tent in the wind stream to ensure that it can be set up in severe wind. We also leave the tent pitched in the wind stream for 6 to 8 hours to ensure that it will withstand the wind for an extended period. In general, the working wind speed we use is between 25 and 30 meters per second (56 to 67 mph), but that is not necessarily the maximum speed.


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