A run over the entire length of the Swedish mountain range with a Hilleberg Akto
The Swedish mountain range is roughly 1300 km long. Many have walked its length, but no one has ever run it – something I have dreamt of doing for many years. My name is Christine Hägglund, and this past summer, I achieved my dream by running the full length of the Swedish range.

My adventure took 39 days. I set out from Treriksröset on July 1, 2013, and reached Grövelsjön on August 8th. I ran completely on my own in an area where there aren’t many people around. I did my run completely unsupported and I carried my own equipment, including tent, sleeping bag, and food.
At a camp ….

I used a Hilleberg Akto tent during my run, and I was more than satisfied! In choosing between different lightweight tents, I decided on the Akto mainly because I wanted to feel safe and secure while I was out, on my own, in a harsh environment. I used the tent in wind and rain, and woke up dry every morning. My Akto was my reliable friend throughout the summer!
I’ve been actively training and exercising since I was young, and competed in both cross-country skiing and orienteering for many years. These days I am still active, but I don’t compete. Instead, I find my own adventures, amongst which running in the mountains is one of my favorites. I live in Östersund in Sweden with my husband and three children, aged 5, 7 and 9.
I wrote a blog (in Swedish) during the trip. You can find it under www.reflektionsbolaget.se under the heading “Äventyr”.




Hello Hilleberg,
my name is Thomas Dohr and I would like to say thank you for building such good tents.
Youre tent is the only thing of my whole equipment where is no kritik at, just 100% perfect.
Just stay as you are and and ceep going on.
I did verry havy tours alone in Sebiria with this tent and it`s still ok.
The photo you see is in A on Lofoten this may, the other one is nere Petropavlovsk Kamtschatka.
If you ever use one it would make me verry proud, so feel free to use.

Best regards


Photo: Thomas Dohr



Hi @ Hilleberg,

Just wanted to share a long-time exposure image of a Nammatj with you.
Taken in a moonlit night, on a recent birdwatching trip in the desert of Morocco.
Thanks for making great tents!

Kind regards, Leander


Nammatj in Marocco photo: Leander Khil



dear Hilleberg,

for about 8 years now I'm a proud owner of a Hilleberg Staika tent. I used it on trekking and winter tours in Sarek, Rogen and Hardangervidda and on a Biketrip through Iceland. It was always a reliable partner and nice home in all situations.
In April I start a trip around the world by bike. In my panniers the Staika. Sure!
It's time to say "thank you" for this great Tent.

I attached some Photos, feel free to use it on your homepage, catalog or elsewhere - if you need higher resolution just ask.

kind regards,

Stefan Boehm, Germany
around the world by bike:


Stefan BoehmStefan Boehm

Stefan Boehm






here I’m sending you a picture of my last trip to Patagonia. I just relocated it in my archive. Might be, you have any use for it. If so, I won’t assert any rights. If not, just enjoy the picture. :) It might photographically not be perfect, but the more interesting thing is the reason why I built up the AKTO on that frost-splitted rock: I had to take shelter from stupid cattle grazing all around (unfortunately not on the picture). So the two metres high gallery seemed to be quite save…

Chile, Región de Magellanes y de la Antárctica Chilena, South Patagonia near Serrano river.


/.../I was on a 15-day trekking tour through the national park "torres del paine" in chile, the famous one in southern Patagonia. Since I didn't want to do the common trails, I decided to follow the Serrano River at the park's southern border. The rangers told me that there are only 2-3 people trying that path. On that day I've had a walk about 20-30 kilometres with heavy load combined with rain and patagonian wind. Thus, I was really fed up with...everything and I built up my AKTO onto that splitted rock, as I mentioned. On my way I saw several cows around and I was aware of cattle's goofiness coming from curiosity(I made bad experience with a cow pulling down my tent in the swedish skärs). After two hours of hiking I still found feaces and short-eaten grass...
One little addition: When I built up my tent there was a Condor sitting in the cliff from where I took the photo. Seemed he wasn't up for flying in the rain and me were quite interesting to look at. As you can see the weather was quite okay the following day. That's it.







I saw this about a Akto on Youtube:
 This is why I use a Akto for my solo hikes!!!
 I just wanted this to share with you.
Kind regards,
Dennis Moeke (from the Netherlands)
A proud Akto and Nammatj 3 owner




My tent has given good service over the last 4 years. Lands End to Edinburgh was a 3 month 800 mile walk i will never forget. Next year my wife and i are going to walk across Ireland so the new ground sheet that Scottish mountain gear sewed into the inner tent and you paid for is very much appreciated.Thank you Hilleberg are the best thank you
All the best





I recently called you about how to set up a Nallo and you walked me thru it.
As it turned out, I ended up hiking 20 miles with it in the mud and setting it up for the first time in the rain Saturday night. Just to let you know, the setup went well, even in the dark my first time. My son and I were safe and warm.
Thanks to the woman who helped me. The setup will go even better now that I have done it and re-read the instructions.
Have a great day,




I purchased a Kaitum 3 tent in 2008 and have absolutely loved it. As a taller individual (6'7") internal length was a big consideration in getting a four season tent. The Kaitum 3 was not only long enough, but is also very light for its size.

I have taken this tent out on many alpine adventures from winter on Mt. Shuksan in temperatures nearing 0 degrees farenheit, to using just the outer shell at a lightweight summer shelter. At 10,600' on Mt. Shasta it repelled both high winds and a mountain critter intent on chewing through the side of the tent!

This past summer I took my 2 year old daughter on her first overnight camping trip in Washington's North Cascades. There was more than plenty of room for her, my wife and myself. Our two dogs were also very happy with the ample sleeping space in the vestibule.

Again thank you for making such a great tent for taller individuals.


Kaitum North CascadesFamily




Hi  Hilleberg Team!

As a gear junky, I had to consider where to begin this testimonial. With luck I won’t ramble too much, but I wanted to begin at the beginning…
My Hilleberg story began back at the end of 08’ when a local specialty retailer Backcountry Gear introduced me to your brand. Thanks to them I purchased one of the first Kaitum GT’s to ship at the beginning of 09’ along with a couple of tarps, the 10UL and 20XP.

WOW - what an awesome vestibule and then on the back there’s even a standard size one too! The Kaitum GT’s huge vestibule alone sold me, and now after using the tent numerous times I’m all the more convinced that it makes a huge functional difference in the field. I find the smaller vestibule is ample room for my two medium sized dogs and the larger one is great for cooking and storing all my extra gear. The other details that impressed me were the extraordinarily thoughtful design (go-figure with years in the making and continual R&D being what set Hilleberg apart!), meticulous construction, and super strong proprietary fabric. I’ve spend no less than 30 nights in the tent, in all sorts of weather, from desert dust storms to winter camping snow squalls, and as sold not a drop of water has entered a seam or zipper.

I liked the Kaitum so much that I decided I’d get a Soulo in late summer 09’ for those times when I didn’t have company or the times when I wanted to be equipped with the preverbal brick-bleep. The Soulo has also been excellent as a motorcycle-touring tent. At the same time, I also added two more tarps to my gear collection, an 10XP and 20XP.  I find the 10UL particularly well suited to rainy lunch stops, it can be hung in a plethora of ways and I can do so quickly. I typically use the XP tarps car camping or boating.

In early 10’ after seeing the Altai announced in the New section of your site I decided I must have it for group trips. I’ve used it as a cook tent typically, and I’ve set it up car camping in the summer and carried it in for group trips during winter.

Somewhat by accident I left BCG with a Nallo 2 in June of 10’… It has been great for trips where I was willing to sacrifice vestibule space for weight and overall tent size – the smaller footprint can be easier to find suitable sites for. It is so light that one of my dog’s carried it all the way to the top of S. Sister 6miles & ~5000’ vertical feet – thanks Yin!

The Hilleberg commitment to detail really shows through. The full coverage footprint is particularly nice with vestibules are big as they are! The wire stiffened brim vents or the hooded tops make for great very adjustable and yet typically covered venting options. The fabric color, personally I really like the green for the incognito and the yellow interior is great at making the interior feel warm and illuminated. The ability to double pole them for gnarly conditions. I’m more impressed as I look closer and use their gear more!

I know what ever the weather I can rely on my Hilleberg to keep it out!

Thank you!

Nallo by the lakeKaitum GT with friends

winter tarpingaltai in snow




I trust you've been following Freya's [Hoffmeister] posts from South America. I have to say I've never heard of a kayaking trip where the tent has played such a central role. Pitching the tent where she does and hunkering down in winds far beyond anything I've ever experienced, it's amazing that she still has a tent at all, let alone one that still does its job. I find myself rooting for your tent almost as much as I do for Freya.  [Freya's web-site]






Just a very brief thank you (again) ...

I have been tied up in the studio for the past 6 months and only managed to get away at the very end of October. I packed my Nallo 2 and headed south on a flight to Sydney, and then on to Hobart, before heading off to south west Tasmania where I went walking & climbing for 28 days. The weather was a combination of snow, snow showers, rain, more snow, more snow showers, more rain and the occasional ray of sunshine in amongst 30-40kph winds that persisted on at least half the days. The Nallo 2 was an absolute champion. Not a drop of rain .. not even the hint of a drop of rain got into the vestibule, or the inner tent. It was perfect. I even slept through what was apparently the worse night of the 28 when torrential rain continued unabated for about 12 hours. Not a drop! So, thank you again for the good service. Even walking solo, (which I was), the weight of the Nallo 2 and its Footprint was still so manageable that I thought that I was carrying a single in my rucksack. All good, so thank you again. I hope that everything is going well for you.

Kind regards & best wishes





Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from a proud owner of a Unna and Staika tents. Your tents are THE BEST made on the planet! thanks... dan





I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my new Allak. I finally got to take it out the other weekend into the Central Oregon Cascades for what became a botched fishing trip. All in all I had a great time, the Allak was EXCELLENT. Silly as it may sound, It felt a few degrees warmer once I zipped up the inner tent (word on the street was that it dropped below 10 the first night) Our camp was semi protected from the snow; however, we were in the "frost pocket" by the low lying water surrounded by mountains, Oh Well. Anyway, I love the Allak, and look forward to using it throughout the winter and on many future fishing/hunting/backpacking trips. I will definitely promote your products among fellow outdoorsmen, as well as any Backcountry Gear customers.

Thank you!

Nikos L.

Allak Nikos




Hi Hilleberg,

Here are two photos of my recently purchased Staika, on the southern side of Edmands Col, in the Presidential range, New Hampshire, USA.
Thanks for the bomb-proof construction; it kept me warm and safe!
Winter solos can be lonely at night and having a tent really made it more peaceful, much better than prior years with a bivy and tarp.


Staika Jereme1Staika jereme 2





We would like to again say thank you and report on the Rajd’s performance ‘Down Under’.

The Hilleberg Rajd performed admirably for a 16 day Larapinta Walk (230 km to the west of Alice Springs ) followed by a 17 day bicycle trip across the northern Simpson Desert from Alice Springs to Longreach.

Trip comments:

In total we spent 41 nights in the Rajd on this trip.
We found the tent to be very easy and quick to erect and very stable when pegged out.
The tent has a ‘small footprint’ so it was always relatively easy to find a cosy site.
We found the tent to be very comfortable, it’s an easy fit for 2 people with full length thermarests and with some space for gear at head /foot end.
Plenty of height to sit up/get dressed etc.
Extremely weatherproof …. we had some wet nights but had absolute faith in the Rajds’ ability to keep us dry.
We liked the ‘gauzed’ peak to escape the flies and mosquitoes and also the ability to roll up the edges to allow more light and air into the tent.
We found the Rajd extremely well constructed and designed with plenty of attention to detail.
We found it to be a great colour for free camping especially close to the road. (Having said this there few vehicles went past all day on the road we travelled and none after about 4.00pm due to the danger of hitting kangaroos)
We had some nights where condensation was a minor problem. These nights were the cold, frosty ones but as sunny days followed we had no problem drying the tent out before leaving camp.
On very windy nights the tent fabric was a little noisy.
In summary we LOVED the Rajd and would recommend it to anyone doing unsupported, long distance walking or cycling trips in Central Australia. The strong, lightweight tent allowed us to easily carry 6-7 days food and up to 25 litres of water each.

We have since used our Rajd as an emergency shelter when tramping in New Zealand and again found it just perfect for the job. (There are many, many midges in N.Z. so a simple tarp would not make for a comfortable shelter there)

Again, many thanks and best wishes,
Margy & Lindsay C.




When we moved from south of France to the southern part of Australia three years ago, we didn’t realise that the weather around the Bass Strait and the Tasman Sea could get so bad. Have you heard about the roaring forties and the furious fifties? This is where they blow; so strong they actually blew out our old tent in Tasmania last year, in the middle of the night, turning what was left of the tent and our warm down sleeping bags in to a miserable cold and wet chaos. Not fun at all, specially for our then 4 and 6 years old kids.
We recently decided to go for a Keron 4GT combined with a UL tarp to get some extra space for the kids and just came back from a 4 days trial test last week.
I managed to setup the tent by myself for the first time in the middle of the night and was amazed by how easy and straightforward it was. The guy tensioners made it so easy to trim the tent up!
The tent performed extraordinarily well under wet and very windy conditions and despite spending four days under the rain (!) we were still dry inside at the end. The tarp worked great for playing board games, cooking, but also harvesting rainwater!
Thanks for all the help  and for making such great tents!

Alexis, Stéphanie, Mathilde & Othello




Hilleberg the Tentmaker-

My wife and I have owned our Hilleberg Kaitum for 3 years. During that time we have used our tent during high alpine mountain windstorms, winter camped in snow, camped on hot sunny beaches, experienced torrential rains and had many beautiful days in the backcountry. The tent has performed great. Never leaked in a rainstorm and was secure and quiet in the windstorms. After all of our adventures during the last 3 years, the tent looks as good today and when we first received it. And I always enjoy other backcountry packers saying, “Is that’s a Hilleberg tent?” and responding yes.

Thanks for the great tent,

John & Young L.




After 30 years working with young people in the outdoor environment I had given up on the idea that I would find the ultimate group use tent. We cautiously bought our first Nammatj 3 tents some 5 years ago and never looked back. The tents average 45 nights use per year and our original ones are still in the system as good as the day they were bought. The D of E expedition scheme demands that the young people complete their ventures with the minimal of adult supervision. Consequently groups will normally be hiking and camping on their own with only a visit from an instructor at night time. In poor weather this can go against the grain a bit however when pitched correctly it is amazing what these tents will cope with. This has had a significant effect with our confidence in the product and has contributed enormously to our safety management systems. We have just returned from a very successful 4 days camping in the Ben Alder area in Northern Scotland in the middle of hurricane Katia. In the past we would have never considered this trip with such a severe weather forecast.

We now use 25 Nammatj 3 tents for our groups and each of our 4 instructors has both a Nallo 2 and an Akto.

Many thank's for a great product of exceptional quality,







Just back from our northern Quebec adventure and happy to say that the Kaitum GT was simply awesome.

We had discussed the footprint earlier....and I decided to use it. For a wilderness paddling trip in northern Quebec, that was the right decision. The underground can be a bit tough (lots of sharp twigs etc.) so the footprint provided protection and peace of mind. But I'd add two other points: it's great to have the footprint in the vestibules and it great to be able to roll up the tent fully protecting the tent from rain at either set up or take-down. That gave me protected time to then do the 'stake and pole flash dance' really quickly once i had everything ready.

I had a couple of occasions to set up the Kaitum in strong 20-30 mph wind - by myself. Frankly, it's amazing how easy it is: stake the upwind end, loosely stake the downwind end; do the 4 poles, and then tension the downwind end. Ta-Da! Then you can take your time to trim it up perfectly....but these steps are fast - even if you are flying solo.

Remember I got the snow/sand stakes? Loved 'em!!
Used them all the time as the stake of first choice...at least for the vestibule ends.
And, since we had more than a few beach campsites on the river, they work so well in the sand.

Also, I loved the guyline tensioners. They make it so easy to trim my tent up to near perfection.

My next adventure starts next week off to the Wind River Range in WY.....a different sort of trip for sure. I think I'll leave the footprint home for this one.

Thanks again for all the help....and to all the folks at Hilleberg for making such a great tent,





I guide on Alaskan rivers in the summer. As anyone with Alaska experience knows Alaska is known for some pretty tuff weather from time to time.
Last summer's rains were absolutely brutal and I got fed up with the tent that was suppose to keep me warm and dry. This season I took a new Nammatj 2 GT on my trips. I can go into great detail but suffice it to say the tent performed beyond my expectations and was the envy of all others. When people were setting up or taking down their tents in the rain mine was up in just minutes, all by myself. In fact, if someone asked me if they could help I politely declined the help because it was quicker and simpler to do by myself. However, everyone wanted to check it out.
I've since gotten Emails from clients telling me that they've ordered your catalog and intend on purchasing one of your tents. I head back out on the river next week for another trip and I'm actually looking  forward to whatever Alaska's weather can bring.

It's a great product and I'm perhaps your best marketing representative, at least within my circle of influence.
I will own another one of your tents again soon. The most difficult thing is to determine which one.






My wife, son, and I just returned from camping for two weeks in Iceland. As usual, our Nallo 4 worked like a charm. During our trip we saw many dozens of tents by a number of different manufacturer's. Wherever we went, the Hilleberg tents were always the most taut and most "professional" looking.
We experienced some strong winds and the Hilleberg's were the only tents to not move a muscle, allowing for very little tent-flap noise (beside the howling wind).

I told my son that the only reason to look forward to his leaving for college in five years is that Susan and I will be able to buy the Nammatj 2 GT for our solo adventures!






Just a little back story on my Nallo 2 GT : A couple of weeks ago, I was on a cross-state bicycle tour with about 700 other people, and we were told a storm was on the way, but it should be over quickly, and not sever enough to be a worry. Not quite. About 11:00 pm they drive around in a truck with a loudspeaker telling people to run for cover, after the storm had arrived. Well, I wasn't about to leave the tent in the middle of a rain and lightening storm, so I sat tight. I wasn't too worried about the 70 mile an hour winds, but when the large hail hit, I had visions of sitting in a tattered, shredded tent with the rain pouring in. But, I stayed there, cursing the storm like King Lear, with exactly as much effect.

After the storm subsided in a couple of hours, I inventoried the damage. Nothing was wet, nothing shredded or damaged beyond the broken little tab between the inner and outer tent, unlike most of the tents around me that were blown away, collapsed, or torn apart.

Normally, an event like this would not mean much to me as the tent and I have been through a number of severe storms with no problems, and I'm not usually fearful of such events. But since my home was destroyed by a tornado the 31st of Dec, I have been a little gun-shy.

So, thanks for making a great tent, one I will continue to look forward in, staying safe and dry, regardless of the weather.

Take care.





Just wanted to say that I recently purchased the Nammatj 3. This tent is by far the strongest, best designed, easy to set up tent, I have ever used.

We did a ski traverse from Juneau to Skagway and the tent performed extremely well.

Getting into the tent for the first time, you knew this tent was different from other 4 season tents.

Our confidence in the tent's strength and functionality grew quickly after several days of strong relentless wind.

I slept well with my ipod or earplugs in knowing that I would be safe as the 'freight train wind' rolled by my head.

Both of us agreed that this is the ideal tent for this type of travel, and would highly recommend it!

Thanks so much for making the best tents ever!

Jonathan and Andy - Yukon, Canada




Just finished a fantastic 7 day trans-Sierra Nevada ski crossing, including 4 days of very cold and heavy snow conditions so we spent a lot of time hunkered down in out Hilleberg Kaitum 2's - they performed flawlessly as always. Thanks and a couple of pics attached.


Ron Lang SierrasRon Lang




To all the team at Hilleberg.

I am writing to tell you my Hilleberg story. A couple of years ago I bought an Akto for solo trips in NZ. As the huts are often crowded, dirty and noisy, and can be expensive in season, my Akto has been my main source of accommodation. The Akto has allowed me to camp in many along- the -way spots, which are beautiful and unspoiled and cheap!. A year ago I teamed up with some 'experienced ' hikers on a 10 day trip. One night, while high above the tree line, a big storm blew in. We were totally exposed up there, and had high winds well over 100Km/Hr, with gusts much higher! The following morning, there were several people sharing tents! I was annoyed to hear someone outside my tent in the pelting rain telling me to "pack up, we are going down, we are all cold and wet"! I was snug, dry, and warm in my Akto! We found out later many hikers were airlifted out all over the region.

I recently got married, and my wife asked to come with me on a trip. I decided to buy a Nammaj 3 GT for this trip, so that she could be comfortable. Unfortunately, the tent got held up in freight, and didnt arrive in time. I decided to strip out the inner mesh from my Akto and packed just the outer fly. I was expecting a divorce when we got back...! We both fitted into the tent no problems, with our inflated mats, as for our packs, we left them outside as they are built waterproof. Apart from the corner of my mat getting a bit wet, because it slipped out, we were completely dry! With the vents fully open, despite the icy rain and howling wind we were comfortable and warm, and my wife felt totally secure. On the walk out my wife began asking about the next trip already! I know I made the right decision when I ordered a Hilleberg tent. Thanks for your determination to make a quality product (and for getting me a new hiking partner and for improving my marriage!)
All the best to you,
Kind regards, Stu

Stu Akto NZstu NZ

stu nz 4




I began backpacking in 1951 and have never stopped. Six backpacks, a like number of sleeping bags, five tents (all Hillebergs), five stoves and cookpots - and one very understanding wife. (We aren't rich.) She only smiles at my weekly alternations of this gear, all winter long, and occasionally she will come along.

Does she get that frisson of delight as she slips into the tent, noting the cheery yellow all around, the handy places for little things, the absolutely flawless sewing? And in the morning (let's say it is in the desert, and all night there has howled a wind of at least fifty miles per hour) does she luxuriate in the wide space, and when she sits up, notes how much headroom there is?

Aime K made the tent I last took to the desert. I would like to write to her. Bo Hilleberg designed the tent, and he undoubtedly knows how good it is. Petra Hilleberg in Seattle knows the same thing also - she grew up with the family tents. And the customers: a Swiss couple hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2008 had a 1993 Nallo 2, and they couldn't stop praising it. They had taken it all over Europe and were merely extending its range a little. It looked experienced. They said, when I asked, no, it had never leaked and they did not expect any problems, just the perfect service of one damn fine tent.

Tom L.




I noticed you guys don't have any wilderness photos of the Jannu on your site. I haven't had mine for long, but I'm absolutely loving it so far! I know this shot is a bit messy. I was getting ready to ski down Mt. Rainier here in Washington State and thought I better get a photo of my new loving home on its first outing.


MacNeil Fransen




To Petra, Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I spent a harrowing night in Meat Cove Nova Scotia on August 21, 2010. We pitched our Nallo 4 GT 20 feet from the edge of a 200 foot cliff that dropped straight down into the sea. A light rain started in the afternoon and progressively got worse. At midnight the winds picked up to 50 to 60 mph.The rain came down harder than I've ever seen. 14 inches of rain fell by 6am. The 5 bridges that connected Meat Cove to the nearest town of Bay St. Larwence were completely washed out. Not one drop of water got into our tent. The noise of the rain and wind was so loud after midnight that we had to shout in the tent to hear ourselves. Another couples tent was completely destroyed during the night so they slept in their car. The destruction from the storm was severe. Hundreds of trees were washed into the bay. 2 buildings and a car were swept away. A

German couple was slightly injured. On Monday the seas calmed down enough to get fishing boats in close to the beach. They then sent a zodiac rubber boat in to Evac us.
I camp year round with this tent and never doubted that it would make it threw the storm. My wife Lisa was completely terrified. Just wanted to thank you and your team for making the best tents ever.





We have used various tents for motorcycle, canoe, backpacking and bicycle touring and camping for close to 40 years. We chose the Nallo 4 for our bicycle touring trips because of it's perceived quality, which was confirmed very fast once we started using it, the interior living space where we can put all our sleeping pads, bicycle panniers, clothes for the night, and finally the size of the vestibule where we can put everything else such as our Bob Trailer bags and shoes. One can nearly stand up, move into the vestibule, put on their shoes and walk out of the tent. We loved our Nallo 4 tent. The footprint works extremely well with the tents and the way it is attached. It all fits beautifully at the bottom of the Bob Bag. For bad
weather, we also used the Tarp 20 and it worked great for group shelter and cooking. We never had a bad moment.

Recently we gave our Nallo 4 tent to one of our children so that they would enjoy their winter and summer hiking more. Now I am about to buy three more and different Hilleberg tents (Akto, Soulo and Kaitum) so I/we can try different type of trips including solo, light and heavy cycle touring.

Our Hilleberg Tent is our "Hotel of choice!"

Albert B.

Albert B Nallo 4Albert vacation




Hi Hilleberg,
I wanted to send you a testimonial on how great your tents are. I have the Akto model and had only used it once at a snow camp last year until this weekend. The weather was predicted to be rainy and windy in Joshua Tree National Park where I participated in a backpacking trip with some friends. I decided to bring your tent because it is said to be good to put in the rain while keeping the inner tent dry. Although we did not have rain when we got to camp, I put the tent up and was careful to place it correctly for the direction of the wind because I also thought I would need to test the ability to cook in the vestibule if the conditions stayed bad.
We proceeded with our day hike to a local peak heading up a nasty gully. On the way back down I sprained my left ankle (grade 2 sprain) about a mile from our camp. Very painful but I made it back to the tent. I got inside and even with the vestibule door open was completely sheltered from the strong wind that was blowing. After wrapping my ankle I close up the vestibule, cleaned up and got into some warm dry clothes and rested until dinner. The strong winds kept up and some light rain was now falling so I decided given the circumstance with the weather and my ankle to not join the group for happy hour but to try and cook in my vestibule. I kept the vestibule door open but was still very sheltered from the wind and rain and was able to cook my dinner and even some hot chocolate which helped get me very warm for bed. Although the roof of the tent slopes, I surprisingly never felt claustrophobic and in fact found the tent quite roomy. All night the wind blew but the tent remained very stable and I was able to sleep very well for the first time with these types of winds. By morning the wind was still blowing just as hard so I proceeded to cook breakfast, again in the vestibule with the door open and the stove remained protected and was able to enjoy my hot coffee and oatmeal.
Your tent made a potentially bad situation not only doable but pleasant. The Akto will now be my "go to" tent and I just wanted to thank you for making such a great design.
Cheryl M

Cheryl M Akto




Dear Hilleberg

You, your company and especially your products absolutely deserve every praise. I have 15 years experience with a Staika and can say for sure - having it has always given me and my wife the sense of absolute safety with regards of what weather conditions will prevail, where are we going to camp, when shall we arrive at the spot and so on. We used to have a cheap tent before that (as students) but we could go outdoors only in predominantly good weather, on dry ground and above 10°C. With a Hilleberg Staika we stopped worrying, we feel really free, liberated from any concerns about camping conditions - on the contrary, we search for difficult conditions, like -cold°C, or wind or very high ground. The photos are just so much better... The Staika is very well climatized, extremely wind resistant, has very sturdy materials (no issues whatsoever with zippers, outer tent canopy, the small hole on the floor is our fault, or bad luck) - and is very easy to set up, without a single pin! We enjoy this as well. As our son grew older, 8 now, sleeping in only one tent became too crowded, pressing down the edges of the floor lowered the zippers below the rain-water level and we got wet inside - it was time for a second tent ... We thought in perspective - and bought another Staika! The new one (with the clips) has even better canopy and my son loves clipping it up and unclipping it. The tension in the outer tent canopy prevents contact to the inner tent better (the old one needs pinning and external traction for that) - no issues with wetting through. The ventilation in the new Staika is improved - mosquito nets reach the floor now and the cap is lifted further up by the tension from the clips. Still, as with all double tents, condensation can be significant - here we followed the advice of Bo Hilleberg and take a microfibre towel with us to wipe most of it.

Thank you for all the nice holidays in your tents! They create so much spontaneity!

You can put all of this into the testimonial section. I am happy to sign every word.


Stefan J.




Hello Hilleberg,

I am very happy with my Soulo!
It is the best performing tent I have ever owned and used!

Kindest Regards, Michael.

Soulo Michael Bostock




I bought a Hilleberg Allak off you guys last summer. You rushed the shipping for me and I just want to say I put this tent through the tests and am very pleased with it.
From camping at 7,000' on a solo goat hunt to hunting rocky mountain bighorns in 70mph winds and torrential rains, the tent never let me down.
Please find attached a couple pics that I hope you can use in your gallery.

Andy P.

Andy Perry AllakAndy Perry




Hi Hilleberg,
I received the Jannu tent on time thanks to you.
The tent was/is amazing. I slept on top of Mt Washington and the tent held up perfectly. It was so easy to set up and take down.
My buddy is getting rid of his tent and getting a Jannu now.
I will be sure to do an indepth review and let everyone know about the amazing quality and customer service your company has.
Thanks again!!




Thank you for making such an outstanding tent, it definitely saved our lives. On June 30, 2010 we left the safety of our cars to Camp Muir 10100' on the south face of Mount Rainier. We had planned on making the July 1 a training day, but we were awoken by a blizzard with winds gusting over 50 knots, zero visibility and temperatures in the low 20's. We arrived late at camp and had no time to build a snow wall or dig in, so the Nammatj 2 sat in the open. Two other tents in the area were completed destroyed after the blizzard arrived; both did have the protection of snow walls. I just want to personally thank the folks at Hilleberg tents for making the best tents on the planet; I will never buy another tent from anyone else.

Erin G