Using a tarp

A tarp is a lightweight and versatile protection against rain, snow and wind. If you want to get the maximum sense of freedom on your trip  a tarp is the perfect choice. You can for instance use the tarp to create a protected space in front of your tent or with Hilleberg Bivanorak or Wind Sack. A tarp is the perfect shelter and is easily pitched with hiking poles, our Tarp pole or between a pair of trees. Just use your imagination!

Our tarps are manufactured in two sizes and are available in the colors red and green. Tarp 10 (3,5 x2, 9 meters) suitable for one or two persons and Tarp 20 (4,4 x4, 4 meters) for larger groups. Both of the tarps are available in ultralight design "UL" and in a stronger version called "XP". Both are made of silicone coated and very strong fabrics. Our Tarps has mounted guy lines with adjustable guy line runners. The storage bag is sewn into the tarp for quick and easy connection and unpacking without risk of losing it.


General advice

There is a great variety when it comes to Tarp usage. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

It is important that the tarp is set up so that it doesn't collect water when it rains. You need to have a relatively steep angle for this not to happen and you should ensure that tarp is properly tensioned. You can also use a rope diagonally positioned to avoid the risk of water collecting.

If you want to place the tarp a bit up in order to create headroom you need to attach it to highly placed branches. You can either lengthen the mounted guy lines or use a separate rope. Attach the rope in a bag of pegs, throw it over a branch and pull up the tarp.

More tips on Tarp usage you will fins in our video: